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  Little Shasta

At the eastern side of Shasta Valley lies a settlement known as Little Shasta. This area was first settled in May 1853, by John B. Rohrer, and due to the richness of the soil, it became a prosperous community. By the 1880's the town consisted of two stores, post office, flour mill, two school houses - Little Shasta and Table Rock, and one church.

The familiar church in Little Shasta was erected and paid for by subscriptions in 1878. The cost of the church building was $3,250. Perhaps the most unusual item of interest about Little Shasta is that the post office was established in 1870, at the store of Riley and McGrath. The mail left Yreka every Wednesday for this new post office, and left that office every Saturday for Yreka.

Now that may not sound unusual, but the name of this new post office in Little Shasta, was Mount Shasta Post Office. Back in those early days there was a town called Mount Shasta, not to be confused with the modern town of the same name, and it was just north of the present Little Shasta Cemetery.

from The Siskiyou County Museum and Historical Society
Keith Arnold

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