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House at Fort Jones
Stephen Hall Meek
Chinese Miner
Fort Jones Stage
Hooperville School, Indian Creek
Stagecoach, Pokegama to Klamath Falls
SPRR Sacramento Canyon
Shasta Springs Rotary Snowplow
Slab wheel log wagon
Pokegama Log Chute
Chinatown, Yreka
CA-OR Railroad
Siskiyou County Courthouse
Miner Street, Yreka
3rd Street, Yreka
Young ladies of Fort Jones
Dipnet fishing, Ishi-Pishi Falls
Basket Maker
White deer skin dancers
White deer skin dancer
Freight wagons and teams at Sisson
Stage Hold-up at Robbers Rock

John Muir on Mount Shasta
Lost Cities: Deadwood
Lost Cities: Tailholt
Lost Cities: Klamathon
Cattle Buying
Winter of 1889-90

  While gold and mining continued as an economic force in Siskiyou County during the last quarter of the ninteenth century, the expansion of ranching and logging brought more settlers to the area.

The Southern Pacific Railroad line was built, following a survey begun in 1855 by U.S.Army Corps of Topographical Engineers which determined the best route for a railway from the Sacramento Valley to the Columbia River, Oregon Territory. When construction ended in 1887, there was a celebration in Ashland, with dignitaries from Portland and San Francisco driving the golden spike.

With the coming of the railroad in the late 1880's. Shasta Springs, just north of Dunsmir, became a popular destination resort and railroad stop. The town of Dunsmuir got it's name in 1886 when Canada's Alexander Dunsmuir fell in love with the town (then named Pusher after the pusher engines that would be attached to push a train uphill on the northbound runs) and promised the town a water fountain if they named the town after his family. In 1897, the town of McCloud was established by George W. Scott and William VanArsdale, founders of the McCloud River Railroad Company.

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