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Neves Family, Scott Valley 1901
First bicycle on the Salmon River
Snake eradication day
Yoked oxen and auto
Steam locomotive hauling logs
Shay locomotive, Hilt area
Horse logging
Mossbrae Falls
Mount Shasta
Lover's Leap in Plowman's Valley
Lumber Yard #4, McCloud
Horse logging
Bonally Mine, Hydraulic mining
Big wheel logging
McCloud River RR locomotive #8
McCloud Lumber Co.
First airplane in Scott Valley
Deer Mountain men
Railroad Workmen
Boards for Mill
Successful Hunters
Weed Italian Club
Big Wheels
The Weed Merc
Shingle Springs Camp
Clawson Family, Scott Valley 1901
Clawson Family, Scott Valley 1902
Clawson Family, Scott Valley 1902
McCloud Mill
The pond and Mill No.1, McCloud
McCloud River Railroad
Constructing the Clear Lake Dam
Work Horses on the Clear Lake Dam
Trench for the Clear Lake Dam
Main Canal Tule Lake
Adam's Tule Cut
Tule Lake Ranch
Hay at Tule Lake Ranch
Str. Klamath, Merrill Landing
Tule Lake Outlet
Tule Lake Portal
Produce from the Klamath Fair
Hauling sand
Main canal, Div 2
Brood of young turkeys
Tule Lake Outlet
Clear Lake Reservoir site
Glimpse of Tule Lake
Growing wheat

Steamboats on Klamath Lake
Dead Horse Summit
Mud Creek

Stereoscope image, Shasta Springs
Southern Pacific Depot, Dunsmuir
Scenes Around Mount Shasta
Shasta Springs Railroad Stop
Shasta Springs postcard
Shasta Springs Dining Room
Dredge in Scott Valley
Shasta Springs Geyser
Climbing Mt. Shasta
Falls at Shasta Springs
Bound for the Summit
Mount Shasta from above Sisson
Mossbrae Falls
Mt. Shasta downtown
  The first quarter of the twentieth century saw the growth of Siskiyou County communities. Logging grew as the economic mainstay of the area, with ranching and agriculture. The lands around Tule Lake were settled and the marshlands drained for agriculture. In 1906 the Butte Valley Congregation of the Church of the Brethren started the town of Macdoel, while Dorris, named for Presley Dorris of the D ranch, was incorporated in 1908.

The city of Sisson's changed it's name to Mount Shasta in 1924. In 1919, Chico Normal School (now Chico State University) developed a summer campus on the land where the Mt. Shasta City park is now located.

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