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At the Montague Airfield
Pioneer Parade Yreka
Miner Street, Yreka
Pioneer Bridge on old highway 99
Gold dredge on Greenhorn Creek
Drama Club, Weed
Mill at Edgewood
Weed Arch
Parade Float, Weed
Hoo Hoo Park in McCloud
The Hottentots Band

Mac's Gulch

Mt. Shasta from Edgewood on the S.P.R.R
Pickwick Stages
  Siskiyou County from 1925 through 1949 saw the area through the depression and World War II. The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) completed many projects in the region during the 1930s...including reconstructing the Clear Lake Dam, building the Refuge Headquarters at Tule Lake, roads, tails, wilderness shelters, rock walls, and tree planting.

The Dorris fire of 1934, in which twenty-two businesses and fifty residences were destroyed before the fire was brought under control. In 1941, several Northern California and Southern Oregon counties attempted to secede from their respective states to form a new state - Jefferson. The outbreak of WWII interrupted the efforts.

During the War, Tule Lake was the site of an Internment Camp, a World War II camp for the internment of Japanese Americans and Japanese living in the US, and of a POW Camp for European war prisoners. German and Italian prisoners actually helped in the harvest in the Tulelake basin during the war years. Highway 97, the Al-Can highway which runs from Weed to Alaska, was completed during the mid 1940s.

In the 1930's, Snowman's Hill, located off Highway 89, was a popular place for snow sports. It is reported that Guy W. Ballard met first Saint Germain in August of 1930 on Mount Shasta, inspiring worldwide activities that continue to the present, with Mount Shasta as a spiritual center. Other web sites of interest:
  • The Tule Lake Internment Camp web site, with history and current activities.

  • Photographs from Tule Lake Internment Camp from J. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah.

  • The History of Santa's Sleigh in Mt. Shasta from Ned Boss on the Mt Shasta Fire Dept. website.

  • amazingly clever website showing a historic photo over the top of today's Google street view. Link on this page takes you to North Mount Shasta Blvd. approaching the Alma Street intersection from the north, with a photo from the 1930's. Click the "minus sign" next to fade to move back and forth between the historic and the current views. More photos listed under the NEARBY link at the top.

  • The Online Archive of California (OAC), part of the California Digital Library initiative.

  • Historical Photograph Collection: This digitized library of photographs, drawn from the historic photograph collection of CSU Chico's Meriam Library, is keyword searchable. Browsing headings include: county, name of person or place, and photographer.

  • Siskiyou County Schools History, photographs, histories and records on county school history.

  • California Heritage Collection at U. C. Berkeley - more than 30,000 images illustrating California's history and culture.

  • The Significance of Mount Shasta as a Visual Resource from the College of the Siskiyous, including California Plein Air Painters 1900 to 1930, Woodblock Artists Early 1900s, Watercolor Artists Early 1900s and others.

  • Newspaper and Local History Databases from the Siskiyou County Library - searches sources such as the Siskiyou County Obituary Index 1854 to the present, and the Siskiyou Historical Society's annual Siskiyou Pioneer Yearbooks. Does not display the articles, but lets you know where to go in library archives to find specific stories.

  • Siskiyou Cemeteries Online, indexing the stones and markers of cemeteries in the county.

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